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Management Team

Tania L. Weiss, Ph.D.

Tania WeissFounder & CEO

From an early age while looking at tree leaves, Tania Weiss was fascinated by cellular biology. At the time she began her college studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, she did not anticipate that she would have a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. all in chemistry or biochemistry and would go on to work in academia, commercial consulting and eventually create her own research company.

During her post doctoral training at the Univ. of Chicago and Stanford Univ. eventually leading to a teaching role at UCSF, she published 16 Papers and 32 abstracts. She spoke at numerous Symposiums, Societies and Conferences. She spent 6 years in different Chair positions with the San Francisco BioScience Forum and another 5 years on Committees or as Chairs in the American Assoc. of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Through these years, Dr. Weiss became clear on what inspired her in science; to participate in a variety of projects and solve the unique scientific challenges each may pose. She chose to jump into the growing movement of CRO outsourcing allowing her expertise to become a part of many projects. In 1995 Dr. Weiss became one of the few female PhD founders of a Contract Research Lab, Marin Biologic Laboratories. Her goal of providing creative, solution based science approaches to up and coming pharmaceutical efforts was a perfect blend of art and science.

Dr. Weiss has gathered a core group of like-minded creative and disciplined scientists to her concierge research laboratory environment. With open scientific communication Marin Biologic provides more than just technical capability, it can provide added insights and stimulate conversations with clients that often save time and money. It is this interactive approach that makes Marin Biologic unique; a PhD Founder, CEO and President with her hand selected lab team that partners with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to speed their raw science through regulatory process.

Peter Ralph, Ph.D.

Peter RalphVice President of Scientific Affairs

Dr. Ralph always wanted to be a scientist, to see how things worked.

“I found the life sciences to be a more evident/palpable subject and more likely to help people in a visible way, so after teaching school for two years in Ghana, Africa, I got a PhD in cell biology and immunology at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).”

After academic positions at the Salk Institute in San Diego and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, he joined the biotech industry.  His first job was as Project Leader responsible for cloning the gene for M-CSF, Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor, at Cetus Corporation, later absorbed by Novartis.

Dr. Ralph has had over 120 scientifically reviewed papers and 24 issued patents. Dr. Ralph has developed and patented methods to detect Herceptin and was the developer of the biometric GLP potency assay for Rituximab. During his tenure at Marin Biologic Laboratories he has managed over 100 projects for clients.

When not working, Dr. Ralph dances 2 nights a week and attends a gym which he hates. He spends time playing games like Sudoku or Candy Crush and continues to fill his head through reading and listing to books on CD. Otherwise, time with his grandkids and walking in nature are his relaxation defaults.

Ph.D., Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Physics, University of California, Berkeley
B.A., Physics, Yale University