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  • ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) – Ultra Sensitive Detector of Proteins

    ELISA Ultra Sensitive Detector of Proteins

    ELISA is a quantitative and ultra-sensitive plate-based assay designed to detect and quantify substances such as antibodies, hormones, proteins (e.g. cytokines) and peptides, receptors on cells as well as small molecule drugs. The ELISA has been a workhorse method since the 1970s. The method has a sensitivity/detection level of approaching 1pg/ml for a particular protein, even in a….

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  • Flow Cytometry of T and B Cells and NK Cells

    Flow cytometry can differentiate different cell populations based on cell size by forward and side scatter measurements. Specific cell types are also be identified by staining with fluorescent-tagged antibodies that recognize specific cellular markers. Readouts can be cell population analyses, proliferation, apoptosis, death/cell cycle analysis, intracellular or surface proteins, cytokine production, and binding studies. Analysis….

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Cell Based Assay (Bioassay) Performance

    Often times we get questions about cell based assays (bioassays) that seemed like they should have performed better than they did. Since we perform bioassays all the time, we have developed an awareness of the things that can make an assay perform even better. Here are five. Cell Morphology Knowing your cells and how they….

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  • New Website – Here was our Approach

    We started the new website effort with a different point of view than most; the visitor’s! From that starting point after much deliberation and collaboration, we determined four top criteria; make information easy to find, make science approachable and to the point, make the site easy to get around (navigate) and lastly make it equally….

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