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  • New Website – Here was our Approach

    We started the new website effort with a different point of view than most; the visitor’s! From that starting point after much deliberation and collaboration, we determined four top criteria; make information easy to find, make science approachable and to the point, make the site easy to get around (navigate) and lastly make it equally….

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  • Women in Science – Sr. Researchers and Lab Manager

    Marin Biologic – Justine Paniagua

    We are creating a series highlighting women in science. We interviewed Tania Weiss, PhD, founder of Marin Biologic Laboratories Inc. Today we talk with Laboratory Manager and Senior Research Associate, Justine Paniagua. I gravitated early on towards Molecular and Cell Biology and Immunology, and their applications for improving human health. These subjects were really exploding….

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  • Cell Toxicity/ Apoptosis/ Inhibition of Proliferation

    Marin Biologic – HUVEC Growth Inhibition

    Cell death, overt death or inhibition of growth, occurs by several mechanisms, including necrosis and programmed cell death, most notably apoptosis. Necrosis is generally caused by hostile influences outside the cell designed to kill the cell and is usually initiated by toxic attack from the outside. Apoptosis in normal organism life is caused by environmental….

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  • Marin Biologic Laboratories CEO and President Tania Weiss Ph.D.

    Marin Biologic – Tania Weiss

    Always an entrepreneur, Tania opened her first business in high school, she gave lessons in baton twirling to help train aspiring band majorettes. CEO and President Tania Weiss Ph.D. founded Marin Biologic Laboratories in 1995 to apply her enthusiasm for good scientific process to benefit her clients. Since she is good at balance and twirling,….

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