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  • We Can Save the Day (or two)

    Marin Biologic – We Can Save the Day (or two)

    We take your deadlines seriously. Because of the expertise and flexibility of our team we were able to save our client a full month of calendar, getting their results to them not just on time, but weeks ahead of deadline. We received a small batch of custom source cells from a client’s provider to start….

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  • FDA Submission: All in the Preparation

    Marin Biologic – FDA Submission-All in the Preparation

    In our business, GLP (good laboratory practices) is a common term. What does it really mean and what does a lab that adheres to GLP specifically have to offer? A GLP laboratory provides a validated test method using standards and requirements expected by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The goal for all qualified labs is….

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  • Why not just buy a Kit?

    Marin Biologic – Why not just buy a Kit?

    Some assays can be done with kits. Many assays can not. To really get the very best results for the assay, many companies choose to invest in a third party laboratory for the most thorough and comprehensive assay they can achieve. Kit vendors will often quote precision and accuracy. Those results will only be found….

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