• Marin Biologic blends the fields of cell biology, immunology, molecular biology and biochemistry to tackle complex projects in an innovative and timely manner. We simultaneously utilize our in-depth scientific expertise to collectively approach projects to complement our client’s approach and meet the client’s needs.
  • The Company was founded in 1995 by Tania Weiss, Ph.D. in order to build a company based on her enthusiasm for good scientific process applied to a broad array of scientific projects. As a result, the client list as well as the project list is very diverse over the years. Marin Biologic seeks out and attracts interesting and different scientific opportunities, which puts them at the forefront of scientific development.
  • We embrace a firm belief that the best science comes from people working with and talking to people. Conversations, discussions and dialogues converted to methods, practices and protocols become the pathway for almost all that we do.

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What drives

  • We add expertise to your business.
  • We reduce your risk and shorten your timelines by focusing on doing the same types of experiments in a disciplined and deliberate manner.
  • We provide “know-in-advance” pricing for your project so you can calculate the actual cost of scientific outcomes you are seeking prior to embarking on the work.
  • We have decades of FDA experience on countless projects which provide you with a library of awareness about FDA practices and needs.
  • Our multi-disciplinary capabilities, experiences and expertise bring cross pollination to your project.
  • We’ve learned and practice every day the “art of cell culture”.
Marin Biologic – CLSA Member


The Intellectual Property you have created is as important to us as it is to you. We vividly understand our responsibility with your scientific project and want to help you succeed with your goal. Our scientists have diverse backgrounds and capabilities. We work to earn your trust every day by applying the highest standard we can find to all that we do on your behalf. We can’t imagine it any other way.