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ELISA Assays

ELISA (ENZYME LINKED IMMUNO-SORBANT ASSAY) technology can be used for preclinical, clinical PK studies, and detection of host anti-drug antibodies (ADA), Some purposes and methodologies include:

  • GMP lot release assay
  • Affinity (Kd) measurements
  • Quantitation of cytokines or other proteins produced by cells or in the body
  • Triggering of signal transduction as detected by phosphory-lated receptors, and other purposes

At Marin Biologic, we have:

  • Employed optical, fluorescent, luminescent, time-resolved and radioimmune (RIA) detection methods using either monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies
  • Utilized proprietary methods whenever necessary
  • Removed interferences such as analyte binding to proteins and receptors or interfering host antibodies of various types
  • Developed over 60 ELISAs, starting with producing our own monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies or screening commercial and sources
  • Validated over 30 methods for GLP or GMP use

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