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Our Process

We partner with you to create a project that meets your scientific and drug development needs.

  • Jointly we will tease out sufficient detail to achieve your ultimate goals.
  • We will make suggestions on how to contain costs, such as bundling your assays by testing multiple samples at one time, thus requiring fewer assays.
  • We will discuss how to enhance the precision and accuracy of the assay.
  • We will establish the format and level of detail needed in your report will be set to meet your project needs.
  • Provide a price and provide time-line of your project in a formal bid.
  • Once our bid is accepted, we will assign staff and get started!!


After the project is initiated, the typical course of events will start with samples being shipped to Marin Biologic. From there…

  • You inform us when to expect the sample.
  • For GLP & GMP projects, a chain of custody form will be submitted with Certificates of Analysis and a list of all the samples.
  • The samples will be logged in to provide traceability and stored at the required temperature.
  • A project manager/scientist will be assigned to your project and will frequently communicate the progress of the project.


As decisions are made during the course of a project you will be kept informed of progress. You dial in how informed you want to be on each project. For example, on very complicated experiments we can transmit the data after every experiment. Or, if you want to be less involved, we will make sound scientific judgments as the project progresses and just keep you in-formed. If we are waiting to expand cells or waiting for reagents we will of course provide you with an up-date.

Final Report

At the conclusion of the project a final report will be submitted for your review, as per the original proposal. Should additional reporting be required, we can always accommodate such requests. Your report will be submitted electronically, except for GLP/GMP projects where they are submitted in writing.

Our scientists at MBL are here to facilitate your comprehension of the data and report. It is difficult to know all the innuendos when you are not designing plate maps and dilution schemes yourself. If your level of involvement is at this level we will be happy to accommodate this degree of interaction. On the other hand, if you wish to be apprised of the results only, we will gladly send data and summarize the results for you too.

At the conclusion of the project if you need further assistance, we will be happy to provide it. In those cases where we are called up to represent our client in data discussions with the FDA, know that we observe strict confidentiality and formality in those situations.

Contract Laboratory Services (CRO)