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Our Process

Partnering with you to identify the project that meets your scientific and drug development needs.

  • We learn about your goals and objectives, expectations and timelines
  • Jointly we create a Scope of Work to define the project or projects that are in your immediate or near future.
  • Through the scientific collaboration we may make suggestions about ways to optimize the work.
  • We discuss how to enhance the precision and accuracy of the assay.
  • We establish the formats and levels of detail needed in your deliverables to meet your data and information needs.
  • Once we are all agreed on the Scope of Work, we embed that in a formal Proposal.


After a project is initiated, we assign a Senior Scientist as Project Manager and begin slotting the work for your project into our laboratory calendar. Typically projects start with arrival of samples shipped to Marin Biologic. Additionally………

  • For GLP & GMP projects, a chain of custody form is submitted with Certificates of Analysis and a list of all the samples.
  • The samples are logged in to provide traceability and stored at the required temperature.

Ongoing Communication

As decisions are made during the course of a project you are kept informed of progress. You dial-in how informed you want to be on each portion of your project. From weekly updates to milestone only updates, whatever your approach, we work to meet your needs. As any experiment is completed, we email or call you to ensure there is ongoing connection between you and the work we are doing on your behalf.

Final Report

At the conclusion of the project a final report is submitted for your review, as per the original proposal. Should additional reporting be required, we can always accommodate such requests. Your report is submitted electronically, except for GLP/GMP projects where they are submitted in writing.

Our scientists are here to facilitate your understanding of the data and reports should there be any questions. It can be difficult to recognize all the innuendos when you are not designing plate maps and dilution schemes yourself. For those that wish to be apprised of the results only, we will gladly send data and summarize the results for you, too.

At the conclusion of the project if you need further assistance, we are happy to help. We can assist you in data discussions with the FDA or investors should the be needed.

Contract Laboratory Services (CRO)