Antibodies Development and Treatment
Jun 2, 2020

Antibodies Development and Treatment: Covid-19

As of the beginning of June 2020, we are still in the early stages of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many questions remain unanswered as to whether an effective vaccine can be produced...

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May 12, 2020

How to Get FDA Approval – Discovery, Development, Clinical Trials, Commercial

HISTORY OF INITIATING THE FDA - Early drug development in Europe rested with the people who tanned

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May 6, 2020

Why Do You Need PCR & QPCR

BACKGROUND: With the discovery of DNA polymerase in 1956, an enzyme that replicates DNA, a new world...

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How COVID-19 Kills
Apr 27, 2020

How COVID-19 Kills

The diagram above represents the infiltration from the blood vessels of the immune cells (see below) into...

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The Science of Killing the COV-2 Virus
Apr 17, 2020

The Science of Killing the COV-2 Virus

Electron micrograph of COV-2 virus attaching and entering a cell. Note the surface proteins...

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Mar 25, 2020

The Science of COVID-19 and MarinBio (How MarinBio can help in test & vaccine development)

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11th, 2020. Researchers...

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Mar 30, 2020

Marin Biologic Laboratories, Inc., Founder CEO/President – Tania Weiss Ph.D.

Always an entrepreneur, Tania opened her first business in high school, she gave lessons in ...

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Mar 23, 2020

Covid-19: How Marin Biologic Laboratories Can Help With Testing

To stem the ever-increasing cases of the Coronavirus pandemic, we need diagnostic...

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Dec 12, 2019

Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction (MLR) Bioassays at Marin Biologic Laboratories

MLR bioassays are requested by the US FDA to monitor immune responses...

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ELISA Ultra Sensitive Detector of Proteins
Feb 21, 2019

ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) – Ultra Sensitive Detector of Proteins

ELISA is a quantitative and ultra-sensitive plate-based assay designed to detect and quantify substances such as antibodies, hormones, proteins (e.g. cytokines) and peptides, receptors on cells as well as small molecule drugs.

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From the beginning and ongoing, your assay is a critical component of the life cycle of your current or eventual product. That is precisely why you want experience and expertise at the earliest possible stage of your development.

In order to determine shelf life for a particular drug substance, stability tests are performed at pre-determined calendar intervals. Our project coordinators communicate closely with you to anticipate the arrival of samples so as to have our staff and resources available for timely analysis and submittal of data and Certificates of Testing.

Knowing the importance to the FDA of lot release potency testing, our scientific team tests every manufacturing lot with your assay providing Certificates of Testing in a timely manner, under GMP Condition.

Whether patient samples or drug product samples we will map out a timeline and follow through with sample receipts, meeting your regulatory needs at all points. We perform your assay as developed, qualified or validated, and promptly communicate the results and/or Certificate of Testing for any or all of your preclinical or clinical phases.

To validate an assay is to measure precision, linearity, accuracy, robustness, system suitability and repeatability. To achieve these results, we conduct multiple experiments in a pre-validation phase with the assay. This phase is a series of 2-4 experiments that specifically look at these capabilities. Once we have advanced an assay, we perform the assay 2 more times for a total of 3 identical repeats. At that point, your assay meets the FDA GLP or GMP requirements.

Many companies planning an IND submission or in Phase I/II may only require a well-qualified assay rather than a fully validated assay. You may or may not need GLP/GMP stringency and auditability yet. Our scientific team works with your scientists to qualify your assay for reproducibility, appropriate precision and accuracy.

We are firm believers in kits. The analytical portion of the assay itself is only a single component of what it takes to perform a successful experiment. It is all the other skills, experience and GLP/GMP conditions that we do day in and day out that will save you time getting to the results you actually want yesterday. We can create and distribute kits, too.

When you need an assay to prove your science and there is no commercial kit available, you need a custom assay. Our extensive expertise will quickly and methodically develop your assay to prepare it for eventual validation. Typically an assay can be developed from scratch in 5 or less experiments while minimizing any matrix effects.