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Many MarinBio clients need and contract drug discovery or mechanism of action research and development in the early portions of their product development pathways. We will assist you in accelerating your product development, manufacturing or discovery efforts. MarinBio screens drug candidates and develops the appropriate bioassays for Pre-IND, IND or Phase I/II applications to the FDA. MarinBio is expert in potency bioassays, which can aid you in your formulation or stability studies for non-GLP/GMP R&D. When you are ready to move into a more formal GLP/GMP effort, it will be seamless for MarinBio scientists to assist you since we will be familiar with your drug/assay/efforts. We will provide you with:

  • Highest Quality & Definitive Research
  • Shortened Time Frames
  • Reduced Risk & Maximized Return On Investment

MarinBio believes that one of the best ways to learn of your needs is via real-time conversation. We prefer to start with video or teleconference discussion(s) to assist you in understanding and to successfully meet your goals and timeline. Please click the “SPEAK TO A SCIENTIST” button and a MarinBio professional will get right back to you.


Laboratory research and development is at the core of the Biotech, Biopharma, Diagnostics and Medical Device industries. Systematically moving a client R&D program through each successive stage to an eventual successful product Proof-Of-Concept requires a dedicated team with creativity, discipline, skill and insight. Many early stage and fully commercial companies have limited laboratory staffing, equipment or space. Also, client staff may be dedicated to other projects or the company may have no labs at all. All of these clients are looking for assistance from an expert team of laboratory and product development professionals with track records, practices and discipline equivalent or greater than their own and who can provide additional insight and expertise. MarinBio has 25 years of understanding our client requirements and tailors our contract services to meet your specific research and development or small-scale biologic manufacturing needs.


Outsourcing via contracts to MarinBio for research, development and manufacturing provides multiple benefits. “Besides focusing on quality, we focus on efficiency, which creates cost savings for you and accelerates your product timelines.” MarinBio delivers quality, meeting your timeline within budget and also importantly our unparalleled communication with you, so that, if so desired, you are engaged at every step.MarinBio has the expert cadre of cell biology, biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, virology, immunology, oncology, enzymology, immunology, molecular biology and other experienced Ph.D. staff to handle all phases of research, development and biologics manufacturing. As a full GLP/GMP capable laboratory, everyone on the MarinBio professional team will use their insight of a final GLP/GMP goal to manage and develop the early stage research (non-GLP/GMP) projects so that it will be a seamless transition when appropriate. Vendors will be selected, experiments will be designed, reagents will be aliquoted and stored to provide the most reliability for future project goals, whether it be future validated/qualified GLP/GMP assays, stability assays, lot-to-lot release testing, IND studies, etc. This refreshing forethought to client research and development projects from MarinBio expertise and experience becomes client’s expertise and experience.