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Many of our clients need drug discovery or mechanism of action research in the early portion of their path. Screening drug candidates, developing the appropriate assays that can be used for early IND or Phase I/II application to the FDA, potency, formulation or stability studies, we can assist you to accelerate your development or discovery effort.

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Laboratory research is at the core of the Biopharma and many other scientific development processes. Moving an idea through numerous stages to an eventual proof requires creativity, discipline, skill and insight. Many early stage and fully commercial companies have limited laboratory staffing or space with staff maxed out on other projects or have no labs at all. All of these companies are looking for assistance from a team of lab professionals with practices and discipline equivalent or greater than their own who can provide additional, complementary insight and expertise. We understand that and tailor our services to meet your specific research needs.


Outsourcing to Marin Biologic for research provides multiple benefits. Topmost of these is the focus on efficiency which creates savings for you on your timelines. We have the cadre of cell biology, biochemistry/enzymology, immunology and molecular Ph.D.s to handle all phases of research. As a full GLP/GMP capable lab, everyone on our team sees past the work directly in front of them to bring an often refreshing level of forethought to every research project. Our expertise and experience becomes your expertise and experience.