Marin Biologic Laboratories is continuously looking for people excited by science. If you are the type of person who enjoys variety, thrives through continuous learning and has the discipline to meticulously complete what you start, you may be a good fit for our team.

Our ongoing consideration is for Research Associates and Senior Scientists. These two groups comprise all of the scientific and laboratory work at our Company. Open positions are generally posted at Indeed or Linkedin. Cover Letters AND Resumes are REQUIRED for all positions.

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Research Associates

Our Research Associates all have undergraduate or graduate degrees in a science that relates to our work or experience working in fields that deal with laboratory skills. All of our RAs continuously spend time working in the laboratory and working their desks on spreadsheets and data. You must be proficient at both.

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Senior Scientist

Our Senior Scientists are all Ph.D. level. They manage projects and may bring their efforts on more novel activities or lab skills they are highly proficient at to the lab. They participate in experimental design, client interaction, project and people management, writing proposals, analyzing data and researching literature.