Small Molecule Drug Uptake Assays

  • Radioactive Tracer Assays

Uses radiolabeled drugs to track uptake into cells. Common isotopes include 14C, 3H, 125I, and 32P.

  • Fluorescent Assays

Employs fluorescently labeled drugs. The uptake is measured using quantitative fluorescence microscopy or plate readers.

Analyzes the uptake of fluorescently labeled drugs by measuring fluorescence intensity in individual cells.

Uses antibodies specific to the drug to quantify its uptake in cells.

Nanoparticle/lipid nanoparticle (LNP) uptake assays

Quantifies the uptake of fluorescently labeled or gold nanoparticles by cells.

Uses antibodies to detect and quantify specific proteins or markers associated with nanoparticle uptake.

DNA/RNA/Plasmid uptake assays

Measures the expression of reporter genes encoded by the DNA/mRNA/plasmid.

Quantifies transgene expression by its mRNA.

Measures fluorescence intensity of cells transformed with plasmids encoding fluorescent proteins, quantifying uptake at the single-cell level.

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