The MLR assays offered by MarinBio enable clients to understand and monitor any significant immunomodulatory effects of client drug candidates. MarinBio offers clients customized programs and high-quality data which can satisfy the FDA and give clients high confidence in the selection of lead drug agents. MarinBio has expert in vitro immunologists with pre-clinical and clinical immuno-biology and immuno-oncology experience. Our MLR services and assays can be specifically customized to client requirements and our service offer:

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We maintain direct communication with the FDA, both independently and through our clients, ensuring compliance and smooth regulatory processes.

The mixed lymphocyte reaction assay (MLR) is performed by co-culturing lymphocytes from two different human blood donors, resulting in immune cell activation.  Activation is the result of immune cells recognizing foreign Human Leukocyte Antigens.  The MLR is commonly used for testing drug effects on immune cell responses.

A Two way MLR is a co-culture of donor A and donor B cells so both donor populations respond, whereas in a One way MLR, cells from one of the donors are inactivated.  

As a read-out MLRs are tested several days after culture employing various analytical techniques such as: 1) flow cytometry for induction of cell activation surface markers and proliferation analysis, and 2) cytokine quantification by flow cytometry or ELISA.

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Types of MLR

In the MLR assay, mononuclear cells from two genetically distinct individuals are co-cultured resulting in cell activation, DNA synthesis and proliferation. MLR occurs due to the incompatibility of the antigenic determinants on the surface of the two cell populations.  There are two main types of MLR assays:

  • One-way MLR: Antigen presenting cells like Dendritic cells (inducer cells) are isolated from one donor while T-cells (responder cells) are also isolated but from a genetically unrelated donor.  Only the lymphocyte population is analyzed, either by pre-labeling them with a dye that gets diluted upon cell division into daughter cells, or by inhibiting proliferation of the stimulator cells by irradiation or mitomycin-c treatment.
  • Two-way MLR: Co-culture of mononuclear cells from two donors where both donor cells are allowed to proliferate.

Applications of MLR in drug discovery and immunology

  • Assessing immunogenicity of new compounds
  • Assessing immunogenicity of various cellular therapies
  • Evaluating the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies
  • Studying autoimmune diseases and inflammation
  • Testing vaccines and other immunomodulatory drugs

Reliable MLR Results for Long Term Needs

MarinBio scientists have performed hundreds of MLR experiments using donor blood obtained on site, as well as with animal species. We track our human blood donors for repeat analyses and can use frozen pairs of cells with convenient and reproducible MLR results. We are your scientists. We work with you to solve your needs. We submit results of each experiment in real time with all methods, materials, raw and analyzed data for optimal progress on the project.

FLOW Analysis of MLR

PBMC from Donor A is stained with cell trace violet and cultured with or without PBMCs from Donor B. FLOW analysis shows the cell size with forward scatter (X-axis). Y-axis indicates cell trace violet.

Left Panel: Donor A cells stained with cell traced violet show that only 0.7 percent of the total population is proliferating.

Right Panel: Donor A cells stained with cell trace violet incubated with unstained Donor B cells, show 5.7 percent of the total Donor A cells are proliferating. The Stimulation Index (SI) for this MLR is 5.7/0.7 = 8.0

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