Dear MarinBio Prospective Clients: Marin Biologic Laboratories, Inc. (“MarinBio”,) is a premier contract research and development and manufacturing laboratory successfully servicing clients for the past 25 years. MarinBio provides collaborative and custom contract research, testing and small-scale biologics manufacturing services (GMP/GLP optional) for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, diagnostic, medical device, agricultural, and biomaterials industries. We have successfully served clients ranging from large pharmaceutical companies, to midsize biotechs, to small or even virtual bioscience companies and start-ups with very limited or no laboratories, for which MarinBio are their scientists and facilities. We are very proud of our sterling record of high repeat business and client referrals. MarinBio’s commitments to our industrial, academic and government clients are to:

  • successfully deliver exceptional custom contract services
  • at very competitive rates for contract research, development and small-scale biologics manufacturing
  • all of which is on-time and within budget
  • To achieve these goals, MarinBio utilizes best practices and ensures seamless and timely communications with our clients.

MarinBio will complement your organization with its creative team of scientists and project managers. This includes expertise in commercializing biopharmaceutical and small molecule pharma drug products, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, inflammation, toxicology, microbiology, virology, neurobiology, oncology, regenerative medicine, molecular and personalized diagnostics, genomics, proteomics and lipid/membrane/exosome biology.

MarinBio’s base of operations are in Novato, CA, which is approximately 30 minutes driving distance from San Francisco.

  • MarinBio created a scientific team and culture that produces excellent R&D data and manufactured biologics, including rigorous data collection and documentation and continuous oral and/or written communications with our clients.
  • MarinBio perfected cell-based bioassays, scientific systems and best practices that are efficient, rapid and effective.
  • MarinBio scientists, experienced in diversified fields, bring success to multiple disciplinary projects.
  • MarinBio invested in a state-of-the-art custom-designed laboratory facility and laboratory protocols that enable us to professionally execute our client projects and to meet and exceed your task and process goals or client regulatory requirements at competitive cost-effective prices.
  • MarinBio combines and integrates expert talents to provide comprehensive complete solutions for each unique client project. Our expert scientific staff has significant research, commercial development and biologics manufacturing experience to provide innovative and practical approaches for successfully executing, managing and delivering on even the most complex projects, all in a timely manner. For those projects that require highly customized approaches, we also provide scientific expertise in each individual field.

What distinguishes MarinBio from other contract laboratories is our remarkable team with unique scientific knowledge and experience, our complete focus on a client’s needs, our exemplary communication and our flexibility. When you require GLP and GMP services, MarinBio performs and successfully completes contract tasks in strict compliance with FDA, ICH or EPA guidelines. When you require additional professional staffing, scientific expertise, state of the art equipment or confirmation of results by an outside contract laboratory, we invite you to put MarinBio scientists on to your tasks. Also, see below the details of MarinBio’s attentiveness to our contract clients.



Tania L. Weiss, Ph.D.

Founder, President and CEO

Marin Biological Laboratories, Inc.

378 Bel Marin Keys Blvd Novato CA 94049

Tel: 415 883 8300




The staff at MarinBio provides expert contract services to our clients, including as follows:

QUALITY: Our expert professional scientists use their significant knowledge base, research experience and excellent scientific and commercial product judgement to relay laboratory observations and data or troubleshoot potential problems. MarinBio takes exceptional pride in the quality of our CRO work, team, client responsiveness and new projects from repeat clients.

COMMUNICATION: MarinBio works toward and successfully develops close working relationships with our clients through frequent oral and written electronic communication to assure fine-tuning and professional management at each stage of the client contract project. For those clients preferring less or even minimal involvement, MarinBio ensures that our expert scientific judgement and quality control will be used in professional project management. MarinBio can be considered as a direct extension of your laboratory and team.

PROMPTNESS: MarinBio’s flexibility in scheduling ensures prompt project initiation, execution and completion.

COST EFFECTIVE: MarinBio offers fair and competitive price structures. With fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratories and highly experienced professionals, we can minimize startup times for most projects. Our CRO services result in significant cost savings, including for exploratory research projects.

FLEXIBILITY: Our scientists provide our clients with the flexibility for rapid project initiation and optimal changes in project direction and deliverables. By maintaining close written and oral contact with our clients, projects can be changed quickly, with high efficiency and close management, maximizing return on investment and minimizing risk.

CONFIDENTIALITY: MarinBio understands client needs for strict confidentiality and security of your project.