Why work with Marin Biologic Laboratories

Marin Biological Laboratories, Inc., (“MarinBio”,) has been successfully serving contract research, development and small-scale biologics manufacturing clients for over 25 years. We have a strong focus on providing clients with cell-based pre-clinical and clinical bioassay data and drug release potency assays for client pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and medical device companies, as well as providing laboratory assistance for legal firms.Our Ph.D. scientists have extensive expertise in the fields of cell and molecular biology, gene and enzyme or protein therapy, biochemistry, immunology and virology applied in regenerative medicine, oncology, infectious and inflammatory diseases, to name a few disease areas. Our Ph.D. scientists have strong commercial backgrounds and bring research, development and biologics manufacturing experience to client projects requiring diverse expertise. MarinBio has a very strong emphasis on both the scientific and business aspects of client projects. Much of our client base has grown organically, through delighted repeat clients and their referrals.


AFFORDABILE, TIMELY, COMPETITIVE, STRONG RECORD OF CRO SUCCESS FOR CLIENTS: MarinBio’s research, development and small-scale biologics manufacturing contracts are derived from excellent client communication and are coupled to highly competitive proposals that are well-managed and are highly sought by repeat and new clients. MarinBio successfully produces accurate and reproducible client data on-time and within budget. MarinBio’s expert scientists collaborate with you to plan, execute and discuss the details of the specifics of your data to meet the requirements of your regulatory agencies.

CRO EXPERIENCE MATTERS: MarinBio has a long history of successfully providing expert data to clients as a niche CRO performing cell-, DNA-, viral vector- biochemistry-, immunology-based bioassays, as well as mechanism of action research.

BIOASSAY CRO CONTRACT SERVICES: MarinBio’s core focus includes custom ELISA, QPCR and cell-based bioassays, project and data management and innovative study design and execution. Clients talk to our Ph.D. scientists and program managers about your data. We accumulate and summarize your contract data and provide raw, as well as analyzed data with conclusions to help you with integration into your individual experiments. We will make suggestions for moving forward with your project for the next set of experiments, and, of course you, as our client, have the final word in decision making.

FLAWLESS CRO REPUTATION FOR 25 YEARS:  Over the past few years, we are proud that our client base comprise delighted repeat clients, recent referrals, as well as from our strong positive past client references over the many years of CRO service work.

CONSUMMATE SENIOR PROFESSIONAL TEAM OF Ph.D. SCIENTISTS AND PROJECT MANAGERS: Our senior team are highly qualified and credentialed Ph.D. Scientists, Program Project Managers, Quality Control, Legal/Business and Contract Professionals.


Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Regenerative and Personalized Medicine, Diagnostic, Prognostic and Medical Device companies very often seek flexible or cost-effective contracts from CROs specializing in Pre-Clinical Research and Phase I/II, III and commercial clinical product development. Because of the unique expertise we provide, MarinBio is a part of the growing trend towards working with more specialized niche bioassay CRO firms. The flexibility we offer enables our scientist and program managers to maneuver very quickly on request by a client. The world-class quality of our R&D and Biologics Manufacturing services and affordability of your project leads to the trust and respect that we have earned from clients over the past 25 years. MarinBio significantly reduces clients’ project risks, maximizes client returns on investment and assures timely written and/or oral reports.

Marin Bio is a professional woman-owned contract research and development, small-scale manufacturing company with domestic and international CRO clients ranging from virtual (without laboratories), to small biotech/pharma to the largest pharmaceutical corporations, as well as law firms. MarinBio’s team of Ph.D. cell biologists, biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists, virologists, oncologists and other scientists are expert in successfully achieving client R&D goals and maximizing client returns on investment. Over the past 25 years, MarinBio has successfully completed over a thousand cell-based bioassays, and many hundreds of ELISAs as well as other projects. MarinBio is ready to assist you in your project and surpass your expectations.

MarinBio is located in Novato, Marin County, California. We are located at very convenient driving distances from the international and domestic terminals at the Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area airports in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and Sonoma. The address, phone and email of MarinBio is 378 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, CA, 94049; 415-833-8300; marinbio378@marinbio.com, www.marinbio.com.