• Cell-based assays or bioassays

    Posted on Jan 14, 2020

    Bioassays are analytical methods measuring concentrations or potencies of test agents, as monitored by its effects on living cells. Bioassays establish quantitative dose-response relationships for measuring safe and efficacious levels of drug products. Bioassays are critical in confirming biological comparability of new and biosimilar drug products. Effective bioassays establish reliability, standardization and confirmation of mechanism(s) of action of test drug agent(s). In short, bioassays measure biological responses of a cell, tissue or organ to a drug, agonist or antagonist. Some of MarinBio’s cell-based bioassays include FLOW cytometry, stimulation or inhibition of proliferation, necrosis, apoptosis, cell surface/receptor binding, induction of gene expression (i.e. as measured by QPCR or QRT-PCR), protein production (i.e. as measured by ELISA, Western, Flow Cytometry) and functional reporter bioassays. MarinBio scientists have years of experience and know how to handle your biologic drug, whether protein or nucleic acid or your small molecule pharmaceutical drug and we expertly perform successful cell-based bioassays.

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