• Cell Culture, Medium Optimization, Serum-Free Adaptation

    Posted on Nov 15, 2018

    Each cell line must be matched to a particular growth medium. As a generalization, ectodermal cells such as in the fibroblast lineage are adherent and prefer one subset of media, while blood cell types are nonadherent and prefer different formulations. Formulations usually include glucose as an energy source, vitamins, amino acids and 5 – 20% calf serum. Alternative energy sources are sometimes used. Small scale growth and maintenance in culture (1 mL to 100 mL) is carried out in tissue culture grade plastics, while scale-up utilizes roller bottles, porous bead supports or a hollow fiber bioreactor, or stir cells. Nonadherent cells are also economically grown up to 40 L in stir cell suspension culture. Some adherent cell types can be adapted to nonadherent growth resulting in a more efficient production method. Adaptation to serum-free conditions allows convenient purification of a secreted protein product without the contribution of albumin.

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