Marin Biologic Laboratories Inc. (MarinBio) conducts business transactions, operations, negotiations and marketing with high integrity and in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations, as well as all other foreign countries where MarinBio operates or is looking to operate. MarinBio personnel conduct business legally and ethically and maintain strict privacy in all communications. At MarinBio our core business is conducting non-GLP/-GMP or GLP/GMP research and development, including bioassays, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, small scale biologics manufacturing and other services for the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics and medical device industries. The protection of company and personal data is assured by MarinBio for our customers. MarinBio has a comprehensive, domestic and international privacy program which respects and protects data privacy rights. MarinBio corporate privacy policy and standard practices and procedures ensure compliance with all national and international laws and regulations.

MarinBio values the confidence of customers and vendors and respects individual privacy, including personal data of employees, clients, healthcare professionals, medical research subjects, clinical investigators, customers, business partners, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and investors. We apply this policy to transfers of personal data, including electronic, paper and verbal formats received or made by MarinBio. The provisions and the uses of this policy apply to all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, agents and consultants working with or on behalf of MarinBio.

This Privacy Policy includes the basic principles by which MarinBio processes personal and corporate data of customers, clients, vendors, business partners, employees, contractors, clinical trial investigators, site team members, clinical trial subjects and others and indicates the responsibilities of its departments and employees while processing these data. Any questions about this policy, or requests for further information, should be directed by email to marinbio378(@) or by US postal service to Marin Biologic Laboratories, Inc., 378 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato, CA 94949.