Cell-Based Immunoassays (Immunobioassays)

Cell-based immunoassays use the exquisite specificity of B- or T-lymphocyte receptors or monocytes and granulocytes to detect and quantify target molecules in biological samples. Immunobioassays, including ADCC, CTL, CMC, MLR and ADA are used by MarinBio for client drug discovery, development, potency, lot release, pre-clinical and clinical studies, diagnostics and drug monitoring to satisfy requests from the FDA. Examples include inhibition or stimulation of immune responses. Readouts may be activation, proliferation, gene or protein expression, or cytotoxicity. MarinBio’s immunoassays are often customized for clients in many different formats. Our scientists have over 25 years of experience developing and performing immunoassays and meeting our client’s budgets, timelines and communications requirements.

Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) were stimulated for 24 hours with 10ug/mL LPS (LipoPolySaccharide) or client sample. Supernatants were collected and analyzed by multiplex ELISA for cytokines.

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MarinBio routinely performs many types (research level or GMP/GLP/ICH level) of client immunoassays, including assays with different read-outs.Examples are given below:

  • ADCC, Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity bioassays
  • CDC or CMC, Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity or Complement Mediated Cytotoxicity bioassays
  • CTL, Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte killing bioassays
  • Flow Cytometry bioassays for proliferation and surface marker differentiation
  • MLR, Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction bioassays
  • Neutralizing antibody bioassays
  • ADA, Anti-Drug Antibody inhibiting drug action (also see ELISA page)
  • Monocyte/macrophage and granulocyte activation bioassays
  • Oxidative Stress and Nitrosative Stress bioassays


MarinBio’s expert professional team provides clients with standard or custom immunoassays. Our vast experience enables clients to identify and chose which immunoassays are best suited to their needs. MarinBio transfers your assay to you or further develops it in-house. MarinBio generates high- quality data which is accurate, reproducible, cost-effective, on time and within budget. If you require immunoassays that meet GMP/GLP/ICH guidelines, MarinBio will further develop and/or validate and perform your assays to analyze your samples. See also the ELISA webpage for additional antibody-based assays.


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