Radioisotopes offer extreme sensitivity in various different metabolism studies and bioassays assays. For a prime example, RadioImmunoAssay (RIA) provides highly specific measurements of both small molecule and biological drugs. RIA also has very important applications for protein characterization and protein quantitation assays, drug binding assays, DNA and RNA assays, receptor binding assays, cell-based or other bioassays and has important uses in the commercial development of drugs and monitoring drug metabolism. There are certain applications where using an elemental radioactive tag has the advantage of detecting your drug without a bulky tag, which may affect the drug’s cellular localization and/or bioactivity.

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MarinBio has an active license for seven commonly used radioisotopes for contract research and development applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and medical industries, including the following specific examples of radioisotope uses:

  • 3H for radiolabeled DNAs (thymidine) for cell proliferation or RNA (uridine)
  • 14C for radiolabeled polypeptides (amino acids) and other protein precursors
  • 125I for radiolabeled antibodies and other proteins and ligands in binding assays
  • 32P for radiolabeled DNAs (Southern blot) &RNAs (Northern blot), etc. detection
  • 35S for radiolabeled cysteine and methionine amino acid & protein studies
  • 45Ca for radiolabeled metabolism studies
  • 51Cr for radiolabeled cell cytotoxicity, e.g. Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (CTL) assay

These 7 radioisotopes are very often used by MarinBio professionals in enzyme, drug uptake, intracellular distribution, binding, quantitation & metabolism assays.


MarinBio owns, expertly maintains and routinely operates the specialized disposal licenses, instrumentation and monitoring for multiple different radioisotopes required for these types of tests. MarinBio professionals are available to discuss the pros and cons of using particular assays employing radioactive isotopes.MarinBio professionals are highly trained and employs safe handling and disposal of seven different key radioisotopes and, thus, clients have no need to undergo regulatory issues required for use of these radioisotopes in client assays.

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