The conditions or environment in which your project needs to be conducted is entirely up to you. All of our Research Associates and Senior Scientists work in all conditions in our laboratory which means no matter what condition you need, the thinking and experimental execution behind the effort will be the same.

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Speak to a Scientist

We believe the best way to learn your needs is via a real time conversation. We always prefer to start with a discussion to assist you in meeting your goals. Click the orange button and we’ll get right back to you.

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Research, GLP/GMP and Litigation work all carry different expectations and needs for documentation and communication. The experimental work is almost always the same in whichever way we conduct the experiment. What changes are generally all the things we do to document or report the work. It is these distinctions and awarenesses that make our lab special. To better understand your needs, these three pages will provide guidance as to what goes into each practice.