Intellectual property (IP) and patent disputes are a significant part of the health care/pharma industry around which disputes can lead to litigation. Common issues are whether a result claimed in a patent is valid, whether a result can be reproduced using the methods and equipment available at the time of the issuance. Other questions can arise around the uniqueness of a method.

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Our scientists are fully aware of the importance of record keeping for litigation. Through our initial conversations we mutually establish how communications will occur, whether through emails, phone calls, written records, data integrity and beyond. Prior to issuing reports, your lawyers will determine how they are presented. Conclusions are only included if you determine they should be after we discuss results. Our notebooks are separate from any other project being conducted at Marin Biologic. Our scientists will educate your lawyers so that they can best use the science for their case. Our scientists have been deposed and have testified as an expert witness on behalf of our clients.


There is more to working in the litigation area than just the results of the lab work. Our experience in supporting the entire litigation effort enhances the outcomes of our lab work to create a streamlined and effective approach to the support of your litigation needs.