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    Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay is a quantitative and sensitive assay which quantifies substances such as antibodies, hormones, proteins and peptides even in a complex matrix such as serum or cell homogenate. Applications include RadioImmuneAssay (RIA) for small molecules and ELISPOT, which detects signals (e.g. cytokine) from a single cell. Our scientists have decades of experience developing….

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  • ELISpot

    ELISpot or enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot, allows for the detection of cells that secrete cytokines or antibodies. ELISpot is able to detect a single cell that secretes a protein of interest making it one of the most sensitive cellular assays. Cytokine-specific antibodies are placed onto an ELISpot plate. Cells of interest are then added. Cells are….

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  • Enzyme Assays

    Marin Biologic is experienced in many types of assays, including those employing proteases, dehydrogenases, oxidases, phosphorylase, nucleic acid polymerase and modifying enzymes, and glycolytic enzyme assays. Colorimetric, fluorescent and radiometric formats are used. Substrate specificity, ED50, ID50, substrate and inhibitor kinetics, temperature dependence and sensitivity are factors in selecting an assay. Assays for glucose, glutamine,….

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  • Enzyme and Protein Stability

    Enzymes and proteins are tested for stability to temperature, pH, chemical denaturation, and proteolytic degradation. Methods for stabilizing enzymes and proteins during storage are developed.

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  • Hybridoma Production of Monoclonal Antibodies

    Immunization of the appropriate specie with antigen emulsified with adjuvant occurs on days 1, 14, and 28. Sera are tested for antibody titer in an ELISA assay (or with the investigator’s screening method) and if titers are high, hyperimmunization is performed and spleen cells are isolated and fused to myeloma cells with polyethylene glycol (PEG)…..

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  • Multiplex

    Multiplex is a type of immunoassay that uses a mixture of uniquely labeled beads to simultaneously measure multiple analytes in a single sample. A multiplex assay is a derivative of an ELISA using beads for binding the capture antibody. Other examples are quantitation of multiple RNA species.

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  • Peptides and Haptens

    Peptides or haptens can be conjugated with various carrier proteins for use as immunogens in animals such as mice, rabbits and goats. Conjugates are also useful for affinity purification of antibodies or other binding proteins. Keyhole limpet haemocyanin (KLH) is routinely used as a carrier protein, with conjugation of the peptide to the carrier protein….

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  • Cytokine, Activation Antigens and Receptor Analysis

    Specifically activated lymphocytes synthesize and secrete a number of distinctive cytokines. These are quantitated by various ELISA methods. Alternatively, induced cytokines are detected by fluorescence activated flow cytometry (FACS) using fluorescent antibodies that bind to the membrane surface or enter permeabilized cells. Activated cells also express new cell surface antigens where the number of cells….

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  • Cytokine Detection

    Cells secrete protein messengers called cytokines. These are measured by ELISA, by flow cytometry of the producing cells, or in a functional assay.

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