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  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, ICI

    Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor (ICI) refers to therapy that targets immune checkpoints, key regulators of the immune system which tumors use to protect themselves from attack by the immune system. The initial approved drugs are antibodies that block these regulators.

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  • Major Histocompatibility Complexes MHC

    MHC proteins, found on cell surfaces bind foreign molecules (antigen), from pathogens and display them on the cell surface so that T-cells can recognize the antigen and illicit an immune response by the acquired immune system. They are also important to determine histocompatibility between people for transplantation, blood infusion.

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  • Mixed Lymphocyte Response (MLR)

    Mixed Lymphocyte Response (MLR) a test used by to show the safety of a drug or implantable material. It is commonly used as part of the FDA clearance process. Blood lymphocytes of one or two donors are cultured. If there is a detectable mismatch, the lymhocytes will proliferate and demonstrate activation markers and new protein….

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