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    Wrong Way of Analyzing

    Posted on May 3, 2017

    We take your deadlines seriously.

    Because of the expertise and flexibility of our team we were able to save our client a full month of calendar, getting their results to them not just on time, but weeks ahead of deadline.

    We received a small batch of custom source cells from a client’s provider to start up their necessary assay.  We were told to expect a second, larger batch of the same source cells within a month. That was great, except the provided cells were poor so reproduction was frustratingly slow.   Instead of waiting around (and charging the client for the time) for those promised extra cells, our scientists experimented with a technique to grow healthier cells, faster.  Before the additional cells had even arrived, we were able to start up the proper experiments.  Good thing, when the next set of cells arrived, they were the same as the initial set:   low viability, slow reproduction.  We continued the work with the cells grown in our labs and delivered the results far ahead of expectations.

    Moral of the story:  even if the client had saved money on the cells, they would have wasted weeks of time and additional funds waiting for the cells to reproduce. A larger company would have followed protocol, fed and observed those problematic cells while chewing up calendar. Instead, we took a pro-active approach and with our acumen at how to effectively grow cells, the project turned out to be a full month ahead of schedule, instead of an entire month behind.  We know that when it comes to live cells, every hour matters, every day is important.

    We are devoted to results and client satisfaction not just billable hours.


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