• Why not just buy a Kit?

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    Posted on Mar 17, 2017

    Some assays can be done with kits. Many assays can not. To really get the very best results for the assay, many companies choose to invest in a third party laboratory for the most thorough and comprehensive assay they can achieve.

    • Kit vendors will often quote precision and accuracy. Those results will only be found with an analyte in buffer and at the midpoint of the quantitative range. A kit becomes ineffective when asked to work at the limit of sensitivity in a complex matrix, like neat mouse or human serum.
    • Assays are one-off experiments. Many research labs are not well positioned to handle the rigor of a one-off experiment and will need multiple attempts or achieve poor results.
    • Millions of dollars and months of calendar ride on the process and outcome. With our experience in need based assay development we determine accuracy and precision that is suitable to your project.

    Many companies and scientists choose not to risk their research with a DIY procedure.   Marin Biologic has decades of experience running assays. No matter how reputable the kit, if the experiment is important, you’ll need a process and outcome you can trust and stand behind, run by scientists you can talk with.

    You can buy a kit, or hire scientists that do assay work all the time.

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